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New Fall 2014

The Practice in colloboraton wth Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life.

This 8 week course aims to provde a toolkit to manage everyday life using skills that will be taught using role play to deal with anxiety in the workplace

Our pilot class with the Transitioning Owls students at Florida Atlantic University kicks off in October


#GreatGive was big sccess, with community support we raised over $5000. to help young adults transition from school to the community!

Autism After 21 Mini iPad Program

The purpose is to provide comprehensive multi-phase IPAD training to adults on the autism spectrum which will include social/living, education and vocational supports.  Autism After 21 (AA21) has partnered with Project Access, located at Lynn University, as well as Stand Among Friends (SAF) to implement this program.

The curriculum will be with a staff lead evaluation tool called CareerScope (an aptitude assessment for education and career guidance), followed by seven 90-minute trainings.  The 7 training sessions on IPAD basics, 2 sessions on social and living IPAD support, 2 sessions on IPAD education support and 2 sessions on IPAD Vocational support.  We are actively looking for partners in the community and young adults that can beneft from IPAD tech traning.

Michelle Rubin
Autism After 21


Youtube: After 21